Welcome to the Chinese Brush Painting  online class with Henry Li!  This is a private art classroom of monthly video lessons. With paid membership you will receive personal critiques on your assigned practices and join private discussion groups on general topics, workshops and exhibitions. You will also enjoy the  online gallery, community blogs and live chat activities with inspiring CBP artists from around the world.

Lesson of the Month

Lesson 33 Painting Insect with Prof Rao

This 4-hour video lesson was first recorded in prof Rao Wei's office at Nanjing University, China while she was doing a demo of painting a grasshopper in elaborated style with freestyle flowers on unsized Xuan, then, in a live workshop with Henry Li on how to paint insects in Gongbi(fineline), Mogu(boneless) and Xieyi(spontaneous) three different approaches. It's a comprehensive lesson on painting insects.

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"Thank you Henry,  these classes are not only educational to the hand and brush but are adding…"
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"I like very much how you emphasized on your painting the light of the street lamp in the town, and…"
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"Thanks for this nice photo but I prefer your paintings :-) Ondra, wondering if you already painted…"
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Chrysanthemum and insect

"Carmen, this is beautiful,  such fluid strokes! and the grasshopper looks ready to spring into…"
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"For a kind of comparison, here is one photo of my view from the window: "
Ondra aka SEAL replied to Ondra aka SEAL's discussion Ondra's paintings in the group Discussion Groups
"Thank you Ozara. I am also not very happy with that dark part. I would prefer that part to be more…"
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"Henry, thank you for the advice. Next time I will try it this way."
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Q: How much is your video class and how do you teach your class?
A: There is a $10/life time tuition. All classes are open ended, available 24/7. In addition to instructional video classes, assignments and handouts, you will receive personalized critiques from Henry. His critiques on other students practices are also proved to be very valuable learning resources.

Q: I don't have a Paypal account and don't want to open a new Paypal account, how do I pay?

A: Paypal is integrated with this network and it is a very secure and convenient way to get instant access to the classes. However, we understand your concern. Please contact Henry Li if you have any problem with signing up or payment.

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Be Inspired by Chinese Brush Painting Master, Henry X. Li

Chinese Brush Painting Online Video Class with Henry Li

Join master Chinese Brush Painting artist, Henry X. Li, for a year round journey of online learning where you will discover, step by step, how to select and wield a Chinese brush, how to load it with ink and watercolors, and how to paint with various rice papers. Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate students, Chinese brush painting is an ongoing class you will not want to miss.

Master Li will discuss the basic foundational strokes and principles of composition in his video classes. To further enrich each of his student's learning experience, individual critiques are given in a class forum setting, with follow-up instructions in a hands on manner.

Students begin with the basic video lessons and practice. Subject matters include the classical "Four Gentlemen" - bamboo, orchid, plum and chrysanthemums, rose, wisteria and peony flowers, birds, animals and landscapes.

Lesson 1: Introduction, Orchids, Baby Chick and Blue Herons
Lesson 2: Plum Blossoms and Birds
Lesson 3: Bamboo and Panda Bears
Lesson 4: Landscapes
Lesson 5: Peony and Butterflies
Lesson 6: Rose, Wisteria and Cats
Lesson 7: Chrysanthemum and Rooster
Lesson 8: Landscape (the three Gorges of Yangtze)
Lesson 9: Monkeys
Lesson 10: Lotus Flowers and Frogs
Lesson 11: Chinese Dragon
Lesson 12: Camellia(in Gongbi style)

Lesson 13: Bird of Paradise

Lesson 14: Scots Pine and Squirrel

Lesson 15: Summer Fruits and Veggies(in Etegami style)

Lesson 16: Basic Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting

Lesson 17: Water Buffalo

Lesson 18: Boneless-style Flower and Birds on Silk or Sized Paper

Lesson 19: Misty Mountains in Neo-Fu Baoshi Style on Mulberry Paper

Lesson 20: Red-crowned Cranes

Lesson 21: Peacocks

Lesson 22: Carp, Goldfish and Snakes

Lesson 23: Magnolia

Lesson 24: Day Lily

Lesson 25: Southern Song Style Landscape

Lesson 26: Zen Paintings

Lesson 27: Lesson 27 Rhododendron and Poppies

Lesson 28: Gongbi Colored Landscape

Lesson 29: Three Variations of Phalaenopsis

Lesson 30:  Horses

Lesson 31: Finger Paintings

Lesson 32: Creative Methods of Xieyi Landscape

Lesson 33: Insects

A new video class will be added each month with a new and different subject matter, such as horses, humming birds, pouring ink style landscape, or fine-line style flower and birds. Your learning experience continues month to month, and you are welcome to advance your training and practice at your own pace. Video's are viewable 24/7.

Students will receive access to a variety of enriching discussion groups, assignment and critique centers, and new monthly lessons.

Students who were surveyed said these things about Mr. Henry Li aka
HEART - "Henry Energetic Artist Responsive Teacher"
"The best part of my experience is [the] balance between learning, practicing, sharing ideas with other students, enjoying the workshop, and having
met Professor Henry Li"
The best part of my experience is Henry's wealth of expertise & knowledge and his generosity in sharing as well as his skill as a teacher. Also enthusiastic, involved, creative & supportive co-students."
"The best part has been the teacher, who is a master of what he teaches but also a master at teaching. Equally important was the support, participation, and community with the other students. I will be a continuing student, Henry's class has become an important part of my daily life, something I didn't expect to happen."





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    Henry X. Li
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    Henry Xiaohui Li, as known by his artist name Ji-yi-lou-zhu, is the owner of Blue Heron Arts Co. in Los Angeles, California.


    Trained in a time-honored tradition of art, Henry Li began painting in under Zhang Zhengyin, a master in Henry's hometown, Nanjing. He majored in Archaeology when he got into Nanjing University in 1977, and became a fellow of the Center for Oriental Painting and Calligraphy Study in 1983.


    Being an online art teacher and art supplier, Henry has  found himself a full-time job with thousands of fans and students all over the world.



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    Michelangelo hybrid tea rose in my garden

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